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Strings Attached II - Nuit des Refuses


20:30 | HaTeiva, Tel Aviv - Yafo, IL

Four Short Pieces for guitar [1933] by Frank Martin

Itay Cohen - guitar


Uri Levinson - sound art and performance

Adaya Godlevsky - Celtic harp


Ayelet Lerman - viola

Nori Jacoby - viola

Ronald Boersen - viola, wire and the box

Adam Shaflan - Double Bass

Nadav Masel - Double Bass

Schmil Frankel - Double Bass

Yoav Beirach - Double Bass

After having been the laughing stock of the orchestra, the ones without repertoire as no composer wishes to write for us, and having been at the heart of all musicians jokes, we have taken it upon ourselves to show you in our "Nuit des Refusés" why we have the right to exist.

At the heart of tonight's web of strings will be 4 Short Pieces by Frank Martin, interwoven with a solo performance by Adam Sheflan, a harpist that has to cut her way out, and many other interesting surprises. With four basses in the corners, three violas on the go, an encapsulating performance by Adaya Godlevsky and Uri Levinson, and a guitar at the center, it promises to become a night not to miss.

Curated by: Ronald Boersen

Strings Attached I - Stitches


20:30 | HaTeiva, Tel Aviv - Yafo, IL


Ayelet Lerman - viola, sound artist

Ronald Boersen - viola, sound artist

"two harp" a sound installation

Adaya Godlevsky - Celtic harp

Eili Levy - performance/artist

and guests...

An evening combining composition and improvisation, the contemporary and experimental, and the expected and unexpected. Everything stitched together with strings in every interpretation of the word.

Ayelet Lerman and Ronald Boersen will present a new sound installation piece exploring the creation of sound and the relation to is location and space. You will find yourself entangled in a web of wires: sounding, vibrating, moving.

Adaya Godlevsky and Eili Levy will present their collaboration that resulted in an duo of the Celtic harp and its interpretation by an artist. A moving dance of two worlds coming together.

Curated by: Ronald Boersen and Dan Yuhas



19:30 | Fundación BBVA - Palacio del Marqués de Salamanca, Madrid, SE

A performance for voice and electronics, created and performed by Noa Frenkel.


Morton Feldman  - "3 voices" (fragments)

Purcell - O Solitude

Mahler - Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen

and pieces composed especially for this show by

Max Murray (Canada/Germany)

Peter Edwards (USA/Singapore)

Keren Rosenbaum (Israel/USA)

Marathon Festival 2013


20:30 | HaTeiva, Tel Aviv - Yafo, IL

Premiere of my new piece "Conductor vs Piano"

In a world where conductors perform their music through musicians and musicians perform their music through their instruments, what would happen if we eliminate the middle man and have conductors interface with an instrument directly? 
In "Conductor vs. Piano" the conductors movements will not as such play the piano, but - with the use of sensors and live-electronics - be interpreted to perform through a digitally controlled piano. A piano conducted by a conductor. As described by the great words of Paul Berg when dealing with live-electronics, it all comes down to "machine works, machine doesn't work, or sword fight!"


Adaya Godlevsky - Seam


19:30 | HaGalleria Tel Aviv

The official launch of Adaya Godlevsky's CD Seam. 

CD presentation: Adaya Godlevsky - Seam


Uganda - Jerusalem

CD presentation: Adaya Godlevsky - Seam


Uganda - Tel Aviv

I'll be joining the amazing Adaya Godlevsky for the presentation of her latest CD "Seam". 

Wire Tapping


20:30 | Barbur, Jerusalem

With Ayelet Lermann, Yoni Silver, Adam Scheflan, Ofer Bymel and Nitai Levi




21:00 | Zimmer, Tel Aviv

With Yael Barolsky on Violin, Adaya Godlevsky on the Celtic Harp and myself 

Agnostics and Atheists


20:30 | Korzo, The Hague, NL

The New European Ensemble wil perform my piece in their program "New Generation Perception of Sound"

For more details see Korzo Website



21:00 | Zimmer, Tel Aviv

With Adaya Godlevsky on the Celtic Harp and myself on viola, live-electronics and my new instrument "The Wire and The Box"

Chamber Dance Festival


21:00 | Gerard Bacharach Centre, Jerusalem, IL

Performance of the new piece NATHAN AND MICHEL of the Ronnie Heller Dance Theater company. 


Chamber Dance Festival


21:00 | HaTeiva, Tel Aviv-Yafo, IL

Performance of the new piece NATHAN AND MICHEL of the Ronnie Heller Dance Theater company. 

Marathon Festival


21:00 | HaTeiva, Tel Aviv-Yafo

First performance with my new instrument "The Wire and The Box".

Curated by Assaf Talmudi.

Oversized Music Box


20:30 | HaTeiva, Tel Aviv-Yafo, IL

Gallery of interactive musical objects.

Including a performance with Yoni Silver - Bass Calrinet, Ayelet Lerman and myself - viola, Yoav Beirach - contrabass, Ronnie Heller - dance



20:00 | Mamuta, Ein Karem, IL

Installation of Ayelet Lerman and Zemer Satt. Performance with Ayelet Lerman, Carmel Raz, Nori Jacobi, Ofer Bymel and myself


Wire-tapping no.18 - Strings


21:00 | Barbur, Jerusalem, IL

Performance with Michele Mayer, Ronni Brenner - guitar, Ayelet Lerman, Nori Jacoby and myself - viola, Carmel Raz, Yoni Silver - violin


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